“We’re not UPS.” Truer words have never been spoken by a US Post Office Employee.

That is what she replied, verbatim, when I trekked to the office to pickup a package and said “I’m confused why your carrier said they could not deliver this package Friday due to ‘no access’ to my porch when I got a UPS package the same day, and a Fedex package the day before, and my porch has no ice, the entire sidewalk leading up to my front door has no ice, wanna see a picture I just took of the front of my house?”

They tried once, Friday. Didn’t leave a notice I had a package. Didn’t include a notice in my daily mail today or yesterday. So, had I not looked up the tracking number then called TODAY, they would have returned my Pu-ehr tea. To Yunnan, China. Where it was shipped from.

The tea, which I sip as I write this, is utterly remarkable. Thanks to son Nate for turning me onto it