On the whole I cannot recommend Dlink cameras, they are just too flaky.

After upgrading to Mac OSX Sierra there does not seem to be a way to view the live video when accessing the camera directly on the local network. The camera webpage guides you to a plugin that is obsolete, and the Dlink support website refers you to yet another plugin which also does not work. And Sierra has been out for months.

Another case in point is the in ability to use the latest iPhone or iPad app (v3.6.7) with cellular connection to view your cameras remotely with the latest camera firmware, latest DLink app, latest IOS.

There is a years-old thread on the issue with entries as recently as last month at


The issue I and other get when connecting to a remote camera via cellular connection it displays “could not connect to the device … Error 0.70_0_2_7_70”

It works if using a WiFi connection, but not cellular.

On a hunch, I tried using my cellular connection in combination with a VPN (Private Internet Access) and it worked fine on both my iPhone 6S and my iPad Air, thereby bypassing any Carrier-to-Dlink internet route,

Which seems pretty clear that Dlink is not playing nicely with traffic from cellular carriers.