I finally terminated my Prime membership … the last straw was the heavy-handed and arrogant non-support at Amazon.

I’ve posted 69 prior reviews.

Tried to post the following review of an outstanding new novel I purchased on Amazon, which review Amazon rejected. Their chat support claimed it was a technical error that would be fixed, but the next day I got an email saying “Amazon is unable to post the customer review because some of the details of this account indicate a relationship to sellers, publishers, or other reviewers of the product.” I asked for specifics, heard nothing back.

Heavy-handed and authoritarian.

My review of “Deep River” by Karl Marlantes:

Move over, Michener. I can only make time to read a couple novels a year, but my interest piqued by the favorable WSJ review, I downloaded this to my Kindle before a trip and was amply rewarded. This beautifully crafted saga is an epic view of the melting pot that was America during the tumultuous early 20th century... families compelled to leave their ancestral homeland, and how in the process of making America their new home they made America so much more than the sum of its parts. Marlantes' writing is a joy to read, richly nuanced characters and historical detail, punctuated with gem-like aphorisms such as "Aino’s first impression of America was elbows and noise."