Snapshot of experience

30-something years hands-on “silicon valley” experience.

Co-founded and IPO’d Docent Inc (renamed SumTotal Systems).

I was employee number “40-something” at Xilinx, where I was the first product line marketing manager through the IPO.

I love building teams and products. Adept at architecting, designing,and implementing enterprise-class applications with Ruby, Twilio, Voxeo, Tropo and the other usual suspects. Two IPOs, one as co-founder and CTO.

Full-stack entrepreneur with proven P&L responsibility, product specification (team management and hands-on), product marketing (team management and hands-on), software and hardware product development (team management and hands-on), app architecture (team management and hands-on), database design (team management and hands-on), website design (team management and hands-on), UX and UI (team management and hands-on), project management.

I am a hands-on developer, tech leader, and/or software executive (as circumstances require) with a potent ability to inspire teams to produce outstanding products. I bring a combination of hard work, fluid creativity, aesthetic sensibility, intuitive insight, pragmatic rigor, broad+deep technical prowess, facile assimilation of new technologies and processes, balanced design tradeoff decison-making, with an abiding end-customer orientation that has led teams (small and large) to craft on-time products that just “feel right” when you use them.

Executive and successful innovator of large scale initiatives; creator of the first commercial e-learning product (IPO), and the first network- and web-based SAT preparation service (sold to private investors). Cut my teeth as the very first product line manager at Xilinx (employee #47), which gave me pre- and post-IPO experience with cradle-to-grave management of extreme-tech product specification, development, marketing positioning, and channel development and training.

Founded (first web-based course, sold to private investors).

Co-founded and developed,,, Education

  • Stanford University, Stanford, California
  • MS/EE in 6/82; BS/EE (with distinction)
  • U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
  • Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico