Was adding a networked 2 TB drive to the home setup, and never got past step 1 with the Seagate GoFlex. It simply would not let my Mac “see” the drive, claiming there was a firewall issue, even after I temporarily disabled the firewall on my Mac and my router. (Just an error message – did not offer any information for Mac users on how to remedy that.)

Returned it to Office Depot, got the Western Digital My Book Live, and it instantly connected just fine. Plus the browser-based management tools were far superior. Plus it started up in seconds, as opposed to several minutes for the Seagate.

Plus, Western Digital wisely invests in a very helpful call-in ‘concierge setup’ center — prominently advertised when you open the box — to help with potential problems. I called for the heck of it and yes, the support person was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. (Did not see any such invitation for phone support from Seagate.)

Seagate? SeeYa.