This one will separate the nerds from the normals:

Assuming there is no one you could delegate the data entry task to, how do you feel about the fact you just spent 60 minutes learning and writing a script to use some APIs to save you from 30 minutes of repetitive manual data entry on a remote system?

A) Darn, I guess should have just entered the data

B) I’d have cheerfully spent 2 hours coding to avoid a half hour of stupid monkey work

The source of this was discovering that using the AWS Route53 dashboard to update the street address of the registry contacts for 100 domains meant manually editing 300 records…

No sir, no “populate from a central master record” and no sir, no “check all the domains you want to edit with this new data”.

Knowing full well that learning and using the API would take longer than the actual probably-never-needed-again task, I none-the-less created this gist:

jpwynn/update_all_my_r53_domain_contacts.rb a quick ruby script to update route53 contacts for all registered domains, since R53 dashboard STILL offers no way to do that