Heroku Pipelines is a great feature, letting you more easily maintain multiple environments such as a staging server and production server, for example typing heroku pipeline:promote to push from staging to production more easily (and more quickly) than re-pushing from your local repository up to production. As far as I can tell the heroku command does not document the useful option of being able to use git remote names (instead of heroku app names) when specify which app by using the -r option.

heroku config -r GITREMOTENAME

instead of

heroku config PRODAPPNAME

I find using git remote name useful, easier to remember, and less error-prone because our git remote names in a multiple-app environment are typically consistent and symbolic, such as “stage” and “prod” (as opposed to heroku app names which might or might not bear any relationship to whether they are staging or production, for example “bluebird” and “honeybucket”).

Especially when you are working on several web apps, being able to consistently refer to the ‘staging’ version of the app as ‘stage’ beats the heck out of remembering the specific actual app name (and inadvertently tweaking “bluebonnet” instead of “bluebird”).