Crowd sourcing logo design is a Fine Idea.
Charging a service fee as the marketplace is a Great Idea.
Charging for add-ons that genuinely improve the experience is Downright American.
Using visual gimmicks to steer people towards the higher-profit choices is Commonplace.

But more than doubling the service feeto keep a project private is ridiculous, cheesey, nickle-and-diming at its worst.

Personally, I’m fed up with companies that try to milk every single penny out of a transaction when they take it to the extreme of charging me to NOT publicize my project.

Project fee: $30.00 (goes up with higher award)
Listing Fee: $39.00
Fees for minimum project offering a $200 award: $69.00

Ooops, *don’t want search engines to see your project before your launch your business? *add $29

Want to be the only person who can see the gallery of all submissions: add $49

Fees for minimum project offering a $200 award WITH privacy more than doubles to $147.00 (a whopping 73% of the actual award)

FWIW I’m also calling bullshit on their “grayed-out text invisible button” (which universally suggests “not available”) for the economy option: