I’ve had a personal Efax number for-ever. But nowadays everything’s email, right? Even the last round of contract signings for KAYU and Loyalmobs were scanned and emailed. Year to date I’ ve sent maybe 10 faxes, and received about the same.

So I called efax to cancel my account, and guess what? When you call to cancel, they have a $50/year “value plan” option with 30 incoming faxes/mo, 15 cents/page after that,  and something like 10-15 cents per page you send. But they ONLY offer that when it’s clear they are going to lose your $125-$150/year account.

Come to think of it, Comcast did the same thing to keep me from switching to another service… in exchange for a lower bandwidth (still perfectly acceptable for streaming movies etc etc) that bill dropped from $60/mo to $25/mo.